A powerful force in the IT Support/Services sector

We are available for our business clients whenever they need us
We are available for our business clients whenever they need us

Looking for a First-Class IT Support/Services Company?

24 hour IT support

24/7 Technology Monitoring. We will know if something goes wrong before you do.

Ideate thinking.

Our role

Be able to concentrate on your business. Whilst we work on ours, IT.


Protect your customers, employees, and assets by having a secure network.

About Us

Since its inception, UKOMP has been a powerful force in the IT Support/Services sector. Headquartered in the United Kingdom we are in a central location, meaning access to a wide area, quickly. UKOMP is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a reason. We are available for our business clients whenever they need us. This is part of our mission.

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Our Clients

At UKOMP, we work with businesses in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa in various sectors; technology, construction, travel companies, manufacturing and public services. We also work with domestic users all around the UK. We also undertake public sector contracts as well as working with not-for-profit organisations and understand the complex pressures these user groups face. We offer special public sector, charity and social enterprise packages, allowing all to take advantage of the highest quality IT services.


Application Support

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End-User Computing & DeskSide Support

Our Strengths

Reliability is top of our customer’s IT structure. The key to this, is server reliability, planned replacement as equipment ages, and rapid service desk response when needed. The ability to budget is also important. UKOMP customers are increasingly opting for fixed-cost IT support so they know exactly what their IT costs for the year will be. They can budget effectively and they know that their supplier has a strong incentive to make their IT as reliable as possible.